Thank you to anyone who stopped by at FOTP this year (Feb14th 2016).
I'm renovating right now, so just have a couple of short posts about a past zine & comic below that I hope you'll like. Now that there is a lull in the zine-making craziness, I shall get back into my coding and a FOTP event report shall be up here very soon ^_^;

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is a mini select-your-own-adventure which I decided from the outset would be eight pages long so I could make it with the origami mini-book fold. Scripting it from the start to be that short yet still with multiple endings was surprisingly kind of fun.

It's a great little zine-fold because you can print on a single A4 piece of paper and it folds into 8 pages with just one cut along the middle.

You just have to know which page will be which, and print the top row upside-down, so they'll be the right side up when you fold it. In the above diagram, the solid lines are mountain folds and the dashed lines are valley folds. After you make the folds, cut along the red line and you'll be able to shape it into a book. You can then either use the 6 inner pages for content and pages 1 and 8 for the covers, or attach a separate cover.

I used origami paper (with the height trimmed) for the cover, the size of the paper turned out to perfectly match the length of the cover need, spooky :P ...Then I made a front cover image in photoshop, printed it out on standard office sticky labels and cut around the shape. The font I used is VTCorona, which I picked for its old-school typewriter look.

I've uploaded an online javascript version for anyone who might be interested in reading the text adventure. Click on the link below:

Good Morning Comic

This is a a little 3page comic I made way back for an Anthology.

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